Accessibility & Usability


Accessibility refers to the ability of an interface to be used by people with different abilities and needs, including visual, auditory, or motor disabilities. An accessible interface is one that can be used by all users, regardless of their limitations.
Usability refers to how easily people use and interact with the product on our website. We strive to offer the best possible browsing and shopping experience. That’s why we invest in a highly intuitive and user-friendly website, so that users can perform tasks efficiently and without frustration. We conduct tests that allow us to identify areas for continuous improvement.
To facilitate navigation, we use a structured and logically organized hierarchy of headers. This means that the most important elements of the site are visually highlighted, while less important elements are kept in the background. This helps users focus on the main content and find what they are looking for more easily.
We use white or empty spaces in the interface instead of filling everything with visual elements. This provides a sense of balance and organization, making it easier to navigate.
We use our own set of high-quality fonts for navigation, including Helvetica, Apple System, and Roboto. Helvetica is widely used around the world, while Apple System was designed to be highly readable on high-resolution screens. Roboto is a sans-serif font developed by Google, highly readable on high-resolution screens. The advantages of our fonts include readability at any size, versatility in various different contexts of the site, availability on many operating systems and design software, worldwide recognition, and ease of use for designers and users.
We maintain consistency across all interfaces. This means that we use the same colors, fonts, and styles throughout the site so that users know what to expect and can navigate more easily.
To make the interface more accessible, we provide captions for videos and audios, as well as transcriptions for multimedia content whenever possible. We also include visible focus indicators to help users with motor or cognitive disabilities navigate the site.
We are always looking to improve the user experience based on feedback and continuous testing. This helps ensure that the interface is always up-to-date and meets user needs. We promote awareness of the importance of web accessibility among team members to ensure clean and accessible navigation for all users.
If you are having difficulty with any content on our website or need assistance with any part of it, please contact us during normal business hours at We will be happy to assist you.

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